SHS Visit

It was like I never left.
I walked into one of the sets of double doors at “the point,” the main entrance of Stevenson High School, my Alma mater.

I hopped up the steps and around the corner to the hallways I knew so well, with my sister a few steps behind me. The same receptionists sat at the desk in the counselors office, the same chairs lined the wall, and the same office was occupied by my favorite teacher. There’s a special sort of bond that forms after separation. She told me how proud she was of me.
It was like I never left.
Then my sister and I headed to the other side of the campus, to the MCC meeting. Since its founding during my Sophomore year, the Muslim Culture Club has been my baby. I did my best to frame and shape it for the students who would lead it after me, which is why I was extremely proud when I walked into 7068 and saw about a dozen students ready for discussion. It grew!
Over the next 45 minutes, I had the pleasure of debating and having my views challenged by other students. When we had to leave the room, I attempted to befriend those I was arguing against, but they didn’t seem too keen on the idea. I hope to return later this week and perhaps get a chance to clear the air.
By the time my sister and I were exiting the building, snow had coated the parking lot and our car. I lamented to my sister about my hatred of the cold. She laughed.
It was like I never left.

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