Religious Appropriation

A letter we send, we as the sons of the Sadr movement to each dirty
Malikian, Hakeemian and Jafarian…

With the help of Allah, and after monitoring and mapping for months, all
emails of those who are helping the government of the criminal Al-Maliki have been hacked
by the electronic monitoring department of the Sadr movement, the national
movement that is a true Iraqi movement which rejects the American invasion. And thank
Allah, this is one of them.

All of you, the tails of the Invasion will die burning along with your

May Allah quicken the return of “Al-Mehdi” and aid us in gaining victory over the oppressors.

I believe most Americans have at this point (whether they understand it or not) heard of the term “Cultural Appropriation.” In summary, it is the adoption of aspects of another’s cultural experience without true understanding of the significance of its symbols, traditions, or historical background. It is essentially imitating a culture you don’t belong to in order to be cool, hip, or different. Quite simply, cultural appropriation is theft.

The excerpt above is a translation of an email my father received in April of 2008. You may notice a great deal of religious invocations… “With the help of Allah,” “thank Allah,” “May Allah quicken the return of Al-Mahdi.” In threatening to burn a family of 5, to burn 3 little girls all under 10 years old, they invoked God as if he would condone such an act. They attempted to religiously appropriate the all-mighty all-merciful God for their gains. They thieved and misappropriated the religion of billions… they thieved from my religion.

And I wish I could say that this is no longer the case. Where the Sadr movement has trailed behind, other groups have gained ground. When will it end?

 Malikian: Supporters of "Noori Al-Maliki", who was the prime minister of Iraq from 2006 to 2014.
 Hakeemian: Supporters of "Abdel-Azeez Al-Hakeem", who is the leader of the biggest Shi'a political party, which won the elections back in 2005.
 Jafarian: Supporters of "Al-Jafari", the leader of "Al-Da'wa" Shi'a political party, the party that "Al-Maliki" belongs to. Al-Jafari was the PM before Al-Maliki.
 Sadr movement: A Movement led by "Moqtada Al-Sadr", also known as "Al-Mehdi Army" since we all (As Iraqies living in Baghdad) know that most of them are Saddam's men who want to go back and run the country.

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