I cried tears, they fell one by one to my feet, until they reached my ankles. When they reached my ankles, I felt pain shoot up the back of my legs, travel up my spine, and infect my brain. The pain paralyzed all thought within me, and I cried.

When the tears reached my waist I lost whatever steady stance I had maintained. I began to sway back and forth, inching closer to death, closer to life, higher to elation, lower to depression. The salty sea had risen, to my shoulders, when my eyes began to dim at the peripherals. My breaths become shallow, the air more precious every passing second. My feet were out of sight by then. All I wanted was to escape. When the sea crept into my nose, I collapsed. I gave into the gentle pull of despair and plummeted to the depths, to the ground.

My eyes burned as I opened them within the sea of tears. My lungs were filled to the brim. Then, I became my tears, and I couldn’t cry anymore. That’s when I found the walls, and held on.

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