Mama and baba

Mama and baba

At first I didn’t notice them or think too much

They’re just mama and baba

He’s just the one that comes home in the evening

She’s the one who makes me food and cleans me and tells me not to play in the mud.

They’re mama and baba

They hug me and love me and sometimes they’re a pain

Especially when I grew up a little

“Why can’t I have makeup? Please let me wear this!”

Mama what if I don’t want to wear hijab? Baba what does this mean in the Quran?

A unit, always together

Yes, my parents are still together. I’ve never heard them arguing.

I love them

You know what, I do believe in arranged marriage. My parents are so happy!

They were neighbors

He saw her love of life through his bedroom window

She thought he was charming

Engaged for 5 months, married at 16 and 21

22 years, they’ve been married. My parents are so good together.

You know what, I want that. I want what they have, I want their happiness.

Mama and baba, I think I’m ready to get married

I don’t mind if it’s arranged

Mama don’t you want to go back to school? You’re so smart you would be really good.

Baba is amazing at what he does. He taught himself, he loves what he does.

Baba is a workaholic

I never tell her… but I wonder. Is she happy?

What does mama do? What has she ever done?

She cooks for us. She keeps our house clean and beautiful. She makes family friends.

Mama smiles at everyone. She must be happy.

Does baba wonder? Does anyone wonder?

Mama, I want to make you proud

Baba you too

I’m 20 and grandma is diagnosed with brain cancer

She is all that my mama has, everything

Granpa died when she was 1. Mama has no siblings, just her mama. Bibi.

Bibi is… was a teacher.

Back when a woman’s life was.. different there.

Bibi wants to go back. She doesn’t have a lot of time left. Bibi and mama leave.

For the first time in 22 years, mama and baba are physically separated

For months

They’ll be fine. They love each other. Their marriage is perfect.

He’s not grumpy, he just misses her. She’s been gone a while.

How sweet

Bibi is gone

Baba is… moody

I’m so worried. My heart hurts. Is my mama ok?

Mama please stay there, take your time. It’s lonely here. Don’t come back until you’re ready.

Is baba worried?

Baba doesn’t think the dinner is tasty enough

The house is a little dirty

Mama says I’ll be there soon, just hang on

For what, mama?

To cook and clean?

Baba tells mama that no one is making him food

Is this real?

She just lost her mother. Everything.

Give her a minute!

In a conversation he says…

“I’m 100% sure if I was still there I would’ve married a second time by now.”

Who do you think you are?

She told him if he wanted to, go ahead.

“I understand. I’ve been gone a while.”

Is this real?!

The happiness… the love…

Withers away. Gone.

Mama and baba are gone.

He used to say he encouraged her to finish her education.

It took me a while, but I understand now.

He said he saw her love of life, so he…

Took it.

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