Sneak Peak of the Book I’m writing!

“Take the exit ramp onto Randall road.”

She turned her steering wheel and slowed down to exit the highway. Her knuckles ached and her fingertips were numb. On her right ring finger was an indent where previously a ring snugly sat, just a little bit too tight. She wondered if her mother would notice the indentation, and if she did, would she say something? Somehow mothers must just notice the tiniest things, she thought. The music she played while driving became a distant hum as her ears filled with sentences she anticipated to hear this afternoon. Once she got off the highway, her mind wandered as her hands and her feet led her vehicle to Copper Springs lane. Before she knew it, she was parking her car in front of her parents house, and her heart was beating so hard in her chest that she felt the veins in her neck throb as she twisted her head to look behind her while doing her best to parallel park her car straight next to the curb. 

After she turned off her engine, her breaths became more shallow, and her eyes darted around the neighborhood. On this side a woman in sports gear and a long blond ponytail was walking her brown fluffy dog, although it seemed more like a slow jog as her dog tugged on his leash, practically dragging her behind him. Down the street behind her, on the other side, four elementary schooled boys in basketball shorts and t-shirts tossed a basketball between them, which sometimes wandered into the streets. She looked down at her hands, red from wringing and sweaty with fear. She looked over to the passenger side seat, at her white leather bag. There was a scarf in there, but she wasn’t sure. She grabbed the handles and got out of the car before letting her thoughts run away with her, before she could give herself permission to change her mind and get back on the highway. 

She walked up the driveway and stood at the front door.

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