Southern Hospitality in Question

When I started writing this article I didn’t realize how much worse things were going to get. The Syrian people are experiencing a modern genocide, a near perfect mirror image of the ones the Kurds of Iraq suffered under Saddam. The governor of our state has decided to turn his back on the Syrian people. He has chosen nationalism over humanity. But he doesn’t speak for all Texans, and I hope the leaders of our community continue to echo that point.

November 10th, 2016

The night of November 9th of 2016 will forever be a landmark moment in my life. Watching the election of that night shocked me beyond measure, and I wasn’t the only one. Young people across America received a wake up call too bellowing to ignore, that screamed “you are responsible”. Responsible for the shape our country takes, each other’s wellness, and our generation’s future. Continue reading November 10th, 2016


When I moved back to Austin to attend the University of Texas I visited the middle school I attended during my first years in America, Murchison. The memories I have of that time are anything but pleasant, for I couldn’t speak English, stood out like a sore thumb (with my foreign clothes and hijab), and I had 0 friends or acquaintances to spend the lunch hour with. I knew I was different. Continue reading Murchison